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Remodeling Priorities Most Homeowners Ignore

Let’s face it: The best part of a home remodeling project is when you can sit back, look around, and see the results of your investment. Okay, that might come in a close second to hearing the “oohs and ahs” of friends and family as they survey your updated digs. Many homeowners end up opting for aesthetic renovations over less obvious but necessary fixes their homes need. If you focus on a surface-level facelift instead of correcting potentially hazardous issues, you may end up having to watch a sledge hammer break up that new wall you just repainted or the expensive flooring you had put … [Read more...]

Eco-Conscious, Budget-Savvy Home Renovations

Two of the main motivations for staying in your existing home are environmental and economic concerns. Even renovating an existing home can become a burden on the ecosystem, as well as your family’s budget, though. The good news is that the same options that benefit your bank account and your environment also meet the standards of today’s popular interior designs. Reclaimed Materials One of the main reclaimed material types making waves in today’s homes is wood. From interior doors and flooring to furnishings and décor, the look of reclaimed lumber is certainly in vogue. While some … [Read more...]

Green Building Considerations

Whether you’re looking at a new construction or a thorough remodel, you have plenty of possible options when it comes to making your home more environmentally friendly. By incorporating these green features, you’ll be giving back to nature and paying it forward to future generations — both of which are quite rewarding. Materials A key aspect of green building is the use of natural, sustainable and recycled materials. Sustainable natural resources include materials such as cork or bamboo (used for flooring), stone (for countertops or flooring), and carpeting made with natural fibers. … [Read more...]

Thinking Green (Without Skimping) on Your Home Renovation

While some of the most environmentally conscious building tips include salvaging and re-purposing or refinishing existing materials, there are many ways to eliminate needless stress on the environment without sacrificing that shiny new look and feel. What’s more, green building can save you some green, as well, leaving you with more cash to spend on those pricey little “extras” that will set your renovated home apart from others. Appliances As you shop for new appliances, a major consideration should be the level of energy efficiency. Look for the Energy Star logo, for starters. Doing so … [Read more...]

PaperStone: the Green Alternative to Stone Countertops

Everyone loves the beautiful look of genuine stone countertops, but for many homeowners, stone isn’t the best option. For one, marble, granite, and other types of stone countertops can be extremely expensive. What’s more, as people become increasingly environmentally-aware, a greater number of Americans are growing opposed to the often destructive mining practices used in the creation of these types of countertops. So if stone countertops are not the option for you, understand that there are many viable alternatives. If you decide to forgo stone countertops, laminate isn’t your only option. … [Read more...]

4 Lean, Green Construction Trends for 2013

While some design trends have yet to stand the test of time, green building promises to be on the rise for both commercial and residential construction. According to Jerry Yudelson, a prominent green building and sustainability consultant, not only does 2013 promise continued global expansion for the movement, but “there is nothing on the horizon that will stop this Mega-trend [toward green building] or its constituent elements.” Within the generally environmentally conscious building climate in which we work, a handful of continually in-vogue applications are projected to climb this … [Read more...]

Starting Your Green Home Renovation

Homeowners from all corners of the United States are realizing, in remarkably large numbers, that now is the time to get their home remodeling projects underway. This is especially true if those remodeling projects involve “greening” your home, or making it more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. These green renovation projects not only benefit the environment in countless ways, a fact upon which the general population is starting to place more and more weight, but these remodeling activities also present a number of benefits to you, the homeowner. Below you will find some of the … [Read more...]