10 Options for Added Home Value

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Adding onto any home brings many intimidating decisions. Knowing the options and the value that will come along with each allows for clarity. Here is a list of 11 different options for residential additions. Some of them add on living space, others bedrooms or storage. All of them add value.

1. Sun Room Addition

A sun room is also known as a three seasons room. This open living space is a wonderful spot for indoor plants, added light and outdoor views.

2. Garage Addition

Adding a garage is a relatively low cost addition with future options. This choice opens up the option for further upward expansion in the future.

3. ‘Bump Out’ Addition

A ‘bump out’ makes space for a room right off the kitchen or hallway. The addition of a laundry room, mud room, and bathroom or breakfast nook will always add appeal to a house. The cost per square inch is often higher than other additions because of logistics.

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4. Kitchen Addition

Re-doing the heart of any home begins with the kitchen. Adding a kitchen is logistically difficult. The placement must be well thought out to allow for ample storage, bright open space, and appliance hookups.

5. Family Gathering Room Addition

The family gathering room addition can take on many forms. Traditionally this type of addition includes a casual space with amenities like a fireplace or entertainment options. This addition option is the most popular because it is versatile.

6. Dormer Addition

Older houses with a sloping roof can have great storage potential. With the addition of a gabled dormer in the front or back, this space opens into curb appeal and storage galore.

7. In-Law Addition

The In-Law addition is like adding a small apartment to the house. The choices range from fully functional with bathroom and kitchen, to just a living area and bedroom attached to the main house. They sometimes require zoning approval.

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8. Addition Over Garage

Adding over a preexisting garage offers space for a bonus room or a new master suite. Building upwards eliminates the need for a new foundation and is, thus, cheaper.

9. Sitting Room Addition

Adding a sitting room off the master bedroom for privacy and seclusion can add major value to a home. This room can also be a laundry room on the second floor to make laundry easier.

10. Second Floor Ranch Addition

Building upwards on a rancher is a wonderful way to remodel. This expands the house twofold without adding a new foundation. Match the window and siding to make the home flow well together. Buyers and neighbors will have trouble noticing the differences.

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