Bathroom Remodeling in the Bethesda, Maryland Area

Are you embarrassed for guests to see your house when they come to visit? Often, the bathroom is the most embarrassing part of an old house for many homeowners who have people over. The bathtub is moldy around the edges, the tile flooring is cracked and dirty, water stains surround all the pipes, the ceiling is starting to cave in, and the decades-old sink combines with the rest of the room to make your bathroom look and feel old and dilapidated.

Perhaps you’ve been putting off remodeling your bathroom due to the large variety of home contractors available in the general area of Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Rockville in Maryland. There are just too many to choose from, and you do not know whom to trust. But now you can rest assured that D. R. Hartman Construction will prove to be reliable and honest and help you to update your bathroom to the 21st century.

Leaving your bathroom to further decay can create worse issues than embarrassing décor. Water leaks can cause serious permanent damage to the structure of your house, and decaying boards will eventually give way. When mold begins to grow, it can cause health issues for you, your family, and anybody who comes to visit. You need to invest in ripping out the old materials and completely rebuilding the bathroom to update the structure, and then you can rest with peace of mind for years to come.

D. R. Hartman Construction has worked with countless homeowners around Maryland, Virginia and the D. C. area to renovate rooms and their whole houses to give a fresh look and reinforced structure. You can read countless testimonials from satisfied customers who are pleased to have updated homes and are grateful to have worked with a contractor they could trust.

You can work with Hartman to choose just the materials you want going into your updated bathroom to give it just the look and feel you want. You’ll find that they have access to the highest quality building materials to ensure that no part of our work can be called “shoddy.”

You know that you do not want to be embarrassed to have guests come stay at your house just because of your old rotting bathroom. Also, you do not want to have to deal with deeper structural issues that can come from ignoring the problems of an old building. Contact Hartman today to discuss renovating your bathroom and give it a modern look. Then, you won’t be able to wait to invite people over just to show off your new facilities.

Get a free quote before you even begin the project, and then you can further decide how you want to proceed. Take advantage of the years of experience and hard work ethic of Hartman to begin rebuilding your bathroom today.

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