10 Options for Added Home Value

Adding onto any home brings many intimidating decisions. Knowing the options and the value that will come along with each allows for clarity. Here is a list of 11 different options for residential additions. Some of them add on living space, others bedrooms or storage. All of them add value. 1. Sun Room Addition A sun room is also known as a three seasons room. This open living space is a wonderful spot for indoor plants, added light and outdoor views. 2. Garage Addition Adding a garage is a relatively low cost addition with future options. This choice opens up the option for … [Read more...]

Redecorating a Basement: Basement Design Tips

Redecorating a basement can be tough for the average homeowner. Basements are generally dark and musty compared to the rest of the house, and regardless of your climate, your basement is probably susceptible to at least some level of dampness. There are ways to get around these roadblocks, though, and with the help of the advice below, you can turn your basement into a beautiful and comfortable family room, game room, bedroom, or home office. Lighting Because basements are below ground, they don’t receive as much light as the rest of the house. Light is one of the best ways to make a room … [Read more...]

Bedroom Remodeling in the Bethesda, MD Area

The balance of comfort and utility defines a well planned bedroom. The master bedroom should reflect the overall design of the house and personality of the owners. Children’s bedrooms combine functionality with creativity and individuality. Guest rooms are a haven of security and entertainment meant to soothe a guest while also maintaining functionality. Creating these spaces in a home will add value while improving the lives of occupants. Obtaining them may be as easy as purchasing new furniture or as difficult as an addition or re-build. Keep the balance of life and luxury in mind to create … [Read more...]

Deck Design Ideas

Building a deck onto your home is an excellent way to spend more time outdoors. With a deck, you’re able to host holiday cookouts, entertain guests in the springtime, or simply relax outside after a stressful day of work. While you’ll probably need to hire a reputable contractor in your area to help you with the actual construction of the deck, the ideas below can help you with designing and planning the perfect deck for your home. Built-in furniture Built-in furniture is a great way to add functionality to your deck while still keeping in mind the aesthetics of the design. Consider, for … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Not To Skimp on Commercial Remodeling

If you’re a business owner, it’s important for you to maintain a certain profit margin. Many entrepreneurs and small-business owners, in particular, can be pretty creative when it comes to cutting corners and saving cash. However, when it comes to selecting a builder for your next commercial remodeling project, the budget contractor might not be your best option, in the long run. From effectively designing the space to having licensed electricians change up wiring, true professionals will do the kind of work that your business can trust. Legalese One of the top reasons for hiring experienced … [Read more...]

Commercial Remodeling for Image Improvement

Even though we’ve all been told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we all do it, don’t we? Tenant improvement can go a long way toward making the kind of first impression that truly represents your smart, future-focused business practices. You want your office to display timeless, streamlined design elements that will have your customers impressed with their surroundings as soon as they step into the door. When they’re already thinking positively about the image you display, they’ll be more likely to sign on with you, bringing repeat business and referrals along, as well. Lobby … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Finishing Your Basement

Even though many Americans are seeing the light at the end of the devalued housing tunnel, it can still be a tough market for homeowners wanting to trade up for more space. An addition is costly as well, with a nationwide average cost of $200 per square foot. Ranging from just 25% to 50% of the cost of an actual addition, making an existing basement into livable space can be a budget-friendly option. Before you start framing up the walls or hiring a contractor to install flooring, you might want to make sure you’re considering the unique needs of a basement space. Account for Higher … [Read more...]

Blueprints: How to Read the Construction Designer’s Handwriting

Blueprints are the universal language of builders and contractors. They are the way that everyone on a particular project works together to achieve the same final product. From building plans to electrical layouts, blueprints show every detail of the project. To the common eye, blueprints can be intimidating and difficult to interpret. However, building plans can easily be interpreted by understanding how to read them. First and foremost, the title page of the blueprint gives vital information. The title page will include a list of all drawings to show what is included in the entire … [Read more...]

Countertop Considerations

You don’t have to watch shows like “House Hunters” for long to realize that, as Americans, we are obsessed with our countertops. Aside from wanting a particular material, though, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to your countertops. Unlike your cabinet doors, this surface is the work horse of your kitchen. You don’t want something that’s just pretty — you want it to hold up to heavy use and make your prep time more enjoyable and your clean-up easier and shorter. An Ideal Countertop Height If you’ve spent any time at all standing in a kitchen to chop veggies, decorate cakes, or even … [Read more...]

Bedroom Renovation and Remodeling Tips

If you’re like most people, then the bedroom is the area of your home in which you spend the greatest portion of your day. You dress there, you read there, you relax there in front of the television, and, of course, you sleep there. With all the hours that you spend in your bedroom, if the space is dreary, cluttered, or bland, it’s definitely worth considering a renovation. If you’re interested in remodeling your bedroom, consider the tips below. The tips cover all types of renovations, meaning some might be out of your budget, but most can be adapted in some way to suit your financial … [Read more...]