Top Two Home Renovations for Curb Appeal

Your home may boast a coveted open concept, spacious kitchen, and updated bathrooms unusual for its age; but if it doesn’t have curb appeal, today’s home buyers will be reticent to walk past the Welcome mat. Taking time to focus on the outside will not only promote buyer interest, decreasing the time frame it takes for you to sell your home, but it will also earn you a higher price and let you enjoy the view from now until you decide to sell. Here are some ways you can give your house a facelift, starting at the top. Rooftop Attention Roofs are metaphors for homes, as in “a roof over my … [Read more...]

Cabinet Trends for Today’s Kitchen Remodels

Why are kitchen upgrades such popular home renovation options? The main reasons kitchen remodels are so popular, particularly in a sluggish economy, are both financially fueled. The trend toward people cooking and eating at home is, in large part, due to the lower cost. The more time you plan to spend in a room, the more renovating it makes sense. Especially when homeowners are highly likely to get back a high percentage of what they put into such projects. Year after year, kitchen renovations are some of the best performing projects on Remodeling Magazine’s often-cited Cost vs. Value reports. … [Read more...]

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

The decision to remodel a bathroom is one not often regretted by homeowners, and there are many reasons for this. First, bathrooms (most of which contain a simple shower, a boring porcelain sink, and a plain toilet, all on top of white or off white vinyl flooring) are often quite neglected in terms of design, and as such, this room may seem out of place with the rest of your home. Additionally, by renovating your bathroom, you help to create an oasis of privacy; the bathroom is the most private room of the house, after all. Follow the tips below to help make your bathroom renovation experience … [Read more...]

Resale-Savvy Home Renovations

In addition to mourning the passing of the housing boom that peaked in 2005, many would-be house sellers are decrying the low returns their pricey renovations no longer promise on the sales block. If resale value is of any concern to you at all, though, you will want to carefully choose the types of remodels and updates that you plan. Major Curb Appeal Evidently, that first impression is more important to prospective buyers than almost anything else. Maybe it’s psychological, or maybe it’s about the image they want to portray to the world, but chances are, if your house doesn’t look good on … [Read more...]

Preparing for Your Next Remodel

Whether you’re looking at building on an addition or renovating your current kitchen or bathroom, doing some homework before hiring a contractor can save you time, money, and frustration. While overly ambitions DIY-ers can actually increase the cost of a project, there are some things you as the homeowner need to figure out on your own. The more of an idea you have of what you want and how much you plan to spend before getting an estimate from a contractor, the better off your project will be. Count the Cost If your remodel is necessary in order to provide disability access to your home, … [Read more...]

Remodeling for Accessibility

Whether a member of your household has become disabled, you’re planning to invite an aging loved one to live with you, or you’re simply planning ahead for the rigors of aging, your home will probably need some modifications in order to provide as much freedom as possible. Trends in Accessibility Of course, one option for someone with disabilities or mobility difficulties due to aging is to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Not only is that option unsavory to many, but it’s also quite expensive and unnecessary, thanks to the potential made by accessibility remodeling. The … [Read more...]

10 Options for Added Home Value

Adding onto any home brings many intimidating decisions. Knowing the options and the value that will come along with each allows for clarity. Here is a list of 11 different options for residential additions. Some of them add on living space, others bedrooms or storage. All of them add value. 1. Sun Room Addition A sun room is also known as a three seasons room. This open living space is a wonderful spot for indoor plants, added light and outdoor views. 2. Garage Addition Adding a garage is a relatively low cost addition with future options. This choice opens up the option for … [Read more...]

Redecorating a Basement: Basement Design Tips

Redecorating a basement can be tough for the average homeowner. Basements are generally dark and musty compared to the rest of the house, and regardless of your climate, your basement is probably susceptible to at least some level of dampness. There are ways to get around these roadblocks, though, and with the help of the advice below, you can turn your basement into a beautiful and comfortable family room, game room, bedroom, or home office. Lighting Because basements are below ground, they don’t receive as much light as the rest of the house. Light is one of the best ways to make a room … [Read more...]

Bedroom Remodeling in the Bethesda, MD Area

The balance of comfort and utility defines a well planned bedroom. The master bedroom should reflect the overall design of the house and personality of the owners. Children’s bedrooms combine functionality with creativity and individuality. Guest rooms are a haven of security and entertainment meant to soothe a guest while also maintaining functionality. Creating these spaces in a home will add value while improving the lives of occupants. Obtaining them may be as easy as purchasing new furniture or as difficult as an addition or re-build. Keep the balance of life and luxury in mind to create … [Read more...]

Deck Design Ideas

Building a deck onto your home is an excellent way to spend more time outdoors. With a deck, you’re able to host holiday cookouts, entertain guests in the springtime, or simply relax outside after a stressful day of work. While you’ll probably need to hire a reputable contractor in your area to help you with the actual construction of the deck, the ideas below can help you with designing and planning the perfect deck for your home. Built-in furniture Built-in furniture is a great way to add functionality to your deck while still keeping in mind the aesthetics of the design. Consider, for … [Read more...]