Blueprints: How to Read the Construction Designer’s Handwriting

Blueprints are the universal language of builders and contractors. They are the way that everyone on a particular project works together to achieve the same final product. From building plans to electrical layouts, blueprints show every detail of the project. To the common eye, blueprints can be intimidating and difficult to interpret. However, building plans can easily be interpreted by understanding how to read them. First and foremost, the title page of the blueprint gives vital information. The title page will include a list of all drawings to show what is included in the entire … [Read more...]

Reasons To Consider Buying a New Home

Even in a struggling economy, there’s something to be said for buying a new home. While foreclosures, short sales, and other priced-to-sell existing homes may seem like a bargain, newly built homes bring benefits that add a lot of value to your purchase. Custom Options and Modern Floor Plans This is, perhaps, the most obvious benefit to buying a new home over an existing home. How many times have you said, ”If we ever get to build our own house, we’d ____.” Well, fill in the blank with whatever your dream house would include, because if you’re having a home built for you, you get a say in … [Read more...]

Bedroom Remodeling in the Bethesda, MD Area

The balance of comfort and utility defines a well planned bedroom. The master bedroom should reflect the overall design of the house and personality of the owners. Children’s bedrooms combine functionality with creativity and individuality. Guest rooms are a haven of security and entertainment meant to soothe a guest while also maintaining functionality. Creating these spaces in a home will add value while improving the lives of occupants. Obtaining them may be as easy as purchasing new furniture or as difficult as an addition or re-build. Keep the balance of life and luxury in mind to create … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design Options for You

As important as cabinetry and appliances may be, even more significant for your kitchen’s functionality is the actual layout. Regardless of your layout style, work surfaces and relative arrangement of elements deserve some serious consideration. Work Triangle or Work Zones The traditional “work triangle” refers to the arrangement of the three hubs for primary tasks in your kitchen: the cooktop, the sink, and the refrigerator. By positioning those elements in a triangular fashion, you’re able to efficiently move from one task to another. If you use your kitchen solely for food preparation and … [Read more...]

Your Floors, Your Investment

A house is one of the biggest investments any American will make. This asset is a statement piece in life, often deciding social status and even future children’s education due to location and funds. As a homeowner, the maintenance of this investment is crucial to financial stability. Key installations such as wood flooring or modern appliances will usually raise the value of a home. Wood flooring throughout the house will lend an air of wealth and luxury to any room. Considering the installation of a wood floor? Read on for DIY tips and local contractor information. Choosing a wood type or … [Read more...]

Eco-Conscious, Budget-Savvy Home Renovations

Two of the main motivations for staying in your existing home are environmental and economic concerns. Even renovating an existing home can become a burden on the ecosystem, as well as your family’s budget, though. The good news is that the same options that benefit your bank account and your environment also meet the standards of today’s popular interior designs. Reclaimed Materials One of the main reclaimed material types making waves in today’s homes is wood. From interior doors and flooring to furnishings and décor, the look of reclaimed lumber is certainly in vogue. While some … [Read more...]

It’s Hard to Find Trustworthy Home Builders in Bethesda, MD

Tired of renting an old house where the water leaks in when it rains, the plumbing constantly backs up, the lights blink on and off at random, and your landlord does nothing about any of these problems. “I’ll get around to it,” he says, and then never shows up to take care of the issues. Meanwhile, your clothes get mildewed and you have to put up with the annoyances in your rental place. You’re afraid to rent another place and experience the same problems. If you are living in the area of Bethesda or Gaithersburg, Maryland or moving there, consider hiring D. R. Hartman Construction to build … [Read more...]

Replace Your Old Deck With PVC Lumber

You have just built the deck of your dreams. It surrounds the new in ground swimming pool you recently had installed. The construction company did an excellent job installing board after board and fence panel after fence panel to create a private recreational area for your family. However, year after year, you begin to notice the cost to maintain the beautiful deck. You must spend days staining or painting the deck every year to protect the wood from sun damage. The one year you forgot to stain, you noticed warped boards popping up. It only takes a few years for your deck to begin to … [Read more...]

Bethesda, Maryland Home Contractor

You’re lying awake in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling. Light from a full moon streams through the window, brightening the room. You can see vague forms in the room—the shapes of a dresser, a rocking chair, a nightstand. You stare up at the ceiling and see dark streaks. Water stains from that last big rainstorm, when water leaked through the aging roof. Appalled, you turn your head to the side. Now you’re staring at a gaping hole in the wall, another reminder that your house is due for a long-awaited remodeling. Have you been putting off the renovation you know needs to be done in … [Read more...]

New Porch Construction in Gaithersburg, MD

Ever dreamed of being able to walk out your front door, grabbing a rocking chair, and then just enjoying the cool breeze and peacefulness of the outdoors from your new front porch?  What an ideal place to escape the noise of the house and to just relax as a bird nearby sings and a squirrel hops by.  Imagine a summer night, late in the evening, and the time you could spend chatting with friends while surrounded by nature without the bugs--thanks to the fully screened in porch.  These dreams don't have to remain dreams.  It's time to turn those longings into reality.  It's time to build a full … [Read more...]