Preparing for Your Next Remodel

Whether you’re looking at building on an addition or renovating your current kitchen or bathroom, doing some homework before hiring a contractor can save you time, money, and frustration. While overly ambitions DIY-ers can actually increase the cost of a project, there are some things you as the homeowner need to figure out on your own. The more of an idea you have of what you want and how much you plan to spend before getting an estimate from a contractor, the better off your project will be.

Count the Cost

If your remodel is necessary in order to provide disability access to your home, your remodel may not be able to wait. Otherwise, funding it through a second mortgage or home equity line of credit can be avoided by planning ahead. If you do roll your renovations into a long-term loan, keep in mind that you’ll be paying for them more than once, and that kind of price increase makes any bargains you may find on materials quite insignificant. By making payments to yourself by setting aside a certain amount each month, you could potentially pay for your project in half the time and with half the money, in comparison with the amount you would ultimately pay if you took out a loan to pay for it after it’s already completed. Of course, in the amount of time it takes you to save up, prices are (almost) sure to rise. Even if you do decide to take out a loan for your remodel, you may want to consider purchasing some materials outright, as you find good deals on them.

Examples of buy-ahead items include fixtures, doors, and appliances.

To figure out how much money you should expect to spend on your project-of-choice, check out these handy online charts and tools:

Of course, if you live in the Bethesda, Maryland area, you can also contact the expert contractors at D. R. Hartman Construction Inc. for a free quote.

Plan the Project

Free home remodeling software like Homestyler and SmartDraw can help you initially visualize your project. However, if you think the only way to get what you want is to build outward, it may be worth the extra money to hire an architect who can help you consider the possibilities of building inward or upward, instead. By increasing efficiency of your current space rather than size, you can save tens of thousands of dollars.

A simple rule of thumb is that the more you change, the more your project will cost. So if you can achieve your goals without moving major structures or plumbing or completely overhauling the electrical, you’ll save a lot, as well. Once you have some ideas in mind, you can also request design services through Hartman Builders.

Whether you’re looking at a major overhaul of your entire home, a necessary addition, or a kitchen facelift, Hartman Builders is your D.C.-area resource for quality construction work.

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