Reasons To Consider Buying a New Home

Even in a struggling economy, there’s something to be said for buying a new home. While foreclosures, short sales, and other priced-to-sell existing homes may seem like a bargain, newly built homes bring benefits that add a lot of value to your purchase.

Custom Options and Modern Floor Plans

This is, perhaps, the most obvious benefit to buying a new home over an existing home. How many times have you said, ”If we ever get to build our own house, we’d ____.” Well, fill in the blank with whatever your dream house would include, because if you’re having a home built for you, you get a say in its design! From color preferences to fixtures, floors, and your choice of appliances, you’re not stuck with someone else’s taste—you get to choose the details on your own!

When it comes to floor plans, today’s plans are flexible and open, with an emphasis on room-to-room flow. Built-in storage, modular walls, and larger kitchens are pretty much unique to today’s homes, as are outdoor rooms and gourmet kitchens. Sure, you could buy an older home and completely remodel it, but then you’d rob yourself of a good deal and the rest of these great traits.

Easily Maintained, Tech-Ready Designs

Today’s quality homes are built with more durable materials, so they don’t require the kind of constant maintenance that your parent’s home may have. If your family is like most, you have more exciting things to do with your weekends and vacation time than working around the house. (You probably have better things to do with your extra cash, as well!)

One of the jobs you won’t have to do with a new home is one that can be very complicated and costly: Retrofitting the home with today’s technology. Today’s homes are including ports for electronics and wireless internet during the framing, when it’s much easier to run the needed wiring. Some homes include “smart” controls for everything from lighting to thermostat, security, and even entertainment.

Safer, Greener Materials & Systems

Instead of having to worry about lead paint, asbestos, or dangerous wiring, you can be assured that a new home complies with current building codes. These codes include high standards of safety for materials and internal systems, so you can be sure that your home doesn’t put your family in danger.

Not only are today’s homes built with greater safety in mind, but they’re also built with the environment in view. Green materials and systems also provide added comfort and lower utility bills. Tankless water heaters, better air filtration systems, gray water systems, and roof-top rainwater catchments are only some of the many new options out there. When you combine the savings they provide with energy-star appliances and improved insulation, you’ll be sure to benefit on a monthly basis.

New homes also come with warranties, which vary from builder to builder. You won’t get anything like that with an existing home, especially a foreclosure, which is sold “as is.” To learn more about new home options in the Bethesda, Gaithersburg or Rockville, MD areas, contact D.R. Hartman Construction, today.

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  1. Lillian Schaeffer says

    I like how you mentioned that new homes are built with better materials and are easier to maintain. My husband and I have decided that we’re ready to move into our first house, and we want to make sure we take good care of it. It would be nice to not have to worry so much about maintenance, so perhaps we could look into buying a new home.