Replace Your Old Deck With PVC Lumber

You have just built the deck of your dreams. It surrounds the new in ground swimming pool you recently had installed. The construction company did an excellent job installing board after board and fence panel after fence panel to create a private recreational area for your family.

However, year after year, you begin to notice the cost to maintain the beautiful deck. You must spend days staining or painting the deck every year to protect the wood from sun damage. The one year you forgot to stain, you noticed warped boards popping up.

It only takes a few years for your deck to begin to look gloomy. However, when you built the deck, the only option available was treated lumber. While treated lumber does serve its purpose, it also is susceptible to sun, water, and snow damage. Wooden decks that receive a lot of sunlight run the risk of having hot surfaces. However, decks that don’t receive a lot of sunlight run the risk of mold or mildew damage.

It will be very costly to repair or replace your wooden deck. If your deck was originally constructed out of pressure treated wooden lumber that was made for ground contact, there is a less chance of damage or rotting. However, lumber that was untreated poses greater risks of rotting. The dangerous part about this type of damage is that rotten spots are often in areas you can’t visibly see. They may be under steps or on the underside of the decking.

You know that your deck or porch is going to sustain heavy use. Your children will be running and playing on it, along with friends and even pets. Splashed water from the swimming pool and afternoon showers may leave your deck wet for days.

A new option would be to have a deck constructed out of PVC lumber. This plastic lumber is available in just about any imaginable color ranging from natural woods to fun blues and oranges. If you want to change colors in a few years, some materials can even be painted. It usually comes with a lifetime rot free warranty. It is made of moisture and termite proof vinyl material that will hold up and withstand the elements for years beyond a standard wood deck.

PVC lumber has been popping up in great demand since the late 1990’s. It does not need to be stained or treated every year, earning it the title of low maintenance. Made out of reusable recycled plastic material, it is eco-friendly and helps reduce the need for trees to be cut down. It is extremely durable and sturdy.

PVC plastic lumber is mainly used for outdoor environments that will see heavy traffic or weather elements. Many playgrounds and parks are incorporating PVC lumber into their construction plans as a way to utilize a low maintenance lumber option that will outlast treated lumber any day. It also serves as a shock absorbing surface for daily pedestrian traffic.

If you are planning on building the deck or porch of your dreams, consider choosing an earth friendly alternative that will look great for years to come. Avoid high costs of labor and materials with a plastic lumber that never needs to be stained. Creating an atmosphere that will be inviting to friends, family, and your children is very important. Don’t let the drab wooden deck bring down your summer fun. This lumber is even splinter proof, which everyone will appreciate as they walk barefoot to the pool.

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  1. Curt Schenk says

    The above artical is correct except that PVC decking is not made from recycled plastic and is not easily recycable. If this was true all the PVC manufacturers websites’ would be talking this up. However, HDPE decking is mostly made from recycled plastic (milk cartons) and is easily recycable.

    Thanks, Curt