Up-and-Coming Bathroom Upgrades

soaking tubPerhaps no other room in private homes has the capability of spanning such a spectrum from utilitarian to luxurious than the modern bathroom. As if a trade-off for the adrenaline-fueled rat race pace at which we live, the creature comforts of the modern bath are there to help us unwind and at least pretend we have the time to really get away for a few brief moments in the evenings. Features such as large showers and soaking tubs can do more than help you unwind: they can also help you sell your home, when that time comes.

Soaking Tubs and Roomy Showers

While some homeowners are taking out tubs in small bathrooms in order to expand their showers, others are replacing Jacuzzis with soaking tubs. The new curb-free showers are larger and more open than their predecessors, using hinged, heavy glass doors, if any doors at all. Some are taking out shower walls altogether, following European trends of opening the shower into the rest of the tiled bathroom.

For those who aren’t eliminating their bathtubs, they’re replacing noisy jetted ones with deep, insulated jetless ones. While soaking in the tub is undoubtedly relaxing, it can get boring for some, prompting them to install flat screen TVs within view of the tub.

Steamy Considerations

Part of what makes showers and baths relaxing is the steam that accompanies them: Steam room systems are quickly becoming a de-stressing facet of the modern bath. For between $1,000 and $5,000, homeowners can switch on their steam room as they enter their home through the garage so it’s ready to embrace them as soon as they change out of their work clothes. Bathroom additions that help accommodate the steam system include insulation on all sides, a vapor-tight door, nonporous surfaces, a floor drain, and a sloping ceiling.

Of course, one down side to the steam room is the need for big-time ventilation in order to clear off mirrors quickly and keep fixtures from aging prematurely. Remote fans can be much quieter and more powerful than traditional units, without much extra cost involved. Some fans actually have humidity sensors that turn them on whenever needed.

curbless showerNew Trends in Tile Flooring

Helping accommodate the open European showers and steam baths, tile is the surface of choice for many high-end bathroom remodels. Instead of linoleum or glazed tiles, today’s trends favor surfaces of porcelain, glass, or stone. Natural tones such as light browns and cool greens bode best for resale perspective.

The biggest down side of any tile, especially in the bathroom, is the temperature. As a result, many homeowners are adding radiant electric heating beneath their floors. Controlled to a thermostat on the wall, heated flooring can add only hundreds to your bathroom remodeling budget while providing a major comfort factor and adding a wow-factor to resale potential.

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