Commercial Construction
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Turn-Key renovation of your commercial location

Most of our commercial jobs involve the remodeling of an existing space. We find great enjoyment working with a customer who wants to move walls around or enlarge offices while not disrupting the daily normal work flow.

This sometimes means much work on our part after regular business hours in order to get the job completed. However, every job is different, and we will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

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Many of our commercial remodeling jobs involve tenants that are renewing their leases with landlords. In many cases, they get a tenant allowance to re-paint and carpet their space with new flooring.

In situations like these, we handle all of the scheduling with the main office and coordinate the moving of furniture in and out in order to get the job done; jobs like these typically take place during the weekends.

Charles Schwartz renovation State Department cafeteria renovation Department of State cafeteria remodeling

A lot of customers need up front estimates regarding the build-out cost for new spaces. The customer can either provide us with a floor plan or we can help them develop one. We can then estimate the projected costs for a particular job based on the many jobs that we have completed over the past years and certain assumptions on finished products.

If we are granted the contract, we provide our customers with paint samples, carpet and various floor finishes, as well as millwork design and countertop samples so they can make specific choices tailored to their desired designs.

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