Ways To Warm Up a White Kitchen

contemporary white kitchen

Today’s kitchen trends may include stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry, but that doesn’t have to mean that your kitchen has a cold, sterile vibe. If you want to go white and use stainless but still want a warm, inviting ambiance, the good news is that you don’t have to choose between those two; you just have to be a little more intentional about how you select details and design your space.

Keeping It Cozy with Contrast

Those dated dark wood cabinets had to go, but now something is definitely missing — that warm, cozy feel of hearth and home. Well, you can go with trendy white or light gray cabinetry and still retain a hint of that feel by incorporating furniture-like feet and pairing the white surfaces with dark ones, such as stained wood flooring and bar stools as well as vintage-looking lighting, as shown here.

Another way to incorporate a warm, homey feel is to reserve those top open shelves for decorations. They’re probably too high to be convenient for often-used kitchen tools or dishes, anyway, so they provide the perfect place to keep vintage finds and entertaining pieces you rarely use.

Providing the Right Metal Accents

Stainless steel may be in vogue, but it’s not the right fit for every kitchen. Especially if yours is small and has white cabinetry, it can be a bit overbearing. Instead, consider selecting black stainless appliances and incorporating warmer tones of metal, such as copper. With its amber hue, copper offers a touch of nostalgia without sacrificing the modern aura that metal offers. You can use copper sheeting for a hood and backsplash and can purchase copper cabinetry hardware and light fixtures.

Keeping Things Simple

Some contrast is good, but especially in small spaces, too much can create visual clutter. And as much as we love the contrast between light and dark, it doesn’t take a lot to make a statement — especially in a small kitchen. To lessen the chances of such an issue, you may want to consider some trends from across the pond:

  • Painted wood knobs and pulls to match cabinetry
  • Countertop-flush cabinetry to hide microwaves and other countertop appliances
  • Simple lines instead of more ornate cabinet and hardware profiles

Of course, your choice of countertops can also play into how simple your cabinetry should remain. When in doubt, ask your builder for suggestions in consideration of your kitchen size and the overall décor scheme of your home. Rest assured that in the end he wants the same thing you do: a happy customer who loves their newly redesigned kitchen.

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