Deciding on Your Perfect New Kitchen

Perhaps you have just landed your dream job in Washington, D.C. You must now pack everything you own and move into a new home. You consider your options. You don’t want to live too close to the city, yet you don’t want an hour commute. Perhaps you look at the relatively close towns of Bethesda and Gaithersburg, Maryland. You may even consider Rockville, Silver Spring, and Potomac in Maryland. You have many options and choices available to you.

As you begin searching for a home, you are well aware that purchasing or building a new home is not in the budget right now. Because you love to cook, you feel that having a large kitchen is very important. You quickly find the perfect home in an ideal location near Gaithersburg, Maryland for a reasonable price. The only downfall is that the kitchen is tiny with many outdated features. The cheap, laminate flooring is yellowing and beginning to wrinkle. The appliances appear to be from the 1980’s and the range only has 2 burners.

You know that this could be your dream house, if only the kitchen was more functional. Instead of searching for another house, consider getting a kitchen remodel. D.R. Hartman Construction specializes in redesigning an existing kitchen layout to create a remodeled kitchen that optimizes space and functionality.

They may consider taking out a wall or maybe even two to enlarge the kitchen area. Rather than have two separate rooms serving as a dining room and kitchen, knocking out the divider wall could open up the space and allow for options such as a kitchen island with bar stools.

You will be able to visit local showrooms that display cabinets, appliances, flooring, and other remodeling options to make final choices. If you know that you love to cook, you will want to consider counter space. The typical kitchen usually does not offer enough counter space for an avid cooker. You may have always dreamed of owning a kitchen with an elegant granite counter top that is resistant to heat and available in nearly 3,000 colors. With more space available, D.R. Hartman Construction will install a counter top that will be large enough for your uses, yet elegant.

You also know that the standard 4 range stove top is not enough. You prefer having 6 burners to create your main and side dishes all at once. You also consider owning a double oven. Cooking two pans of cookies in the same oven spells disaster. D.R. Hartman will take the time to consider all of your appliance needs and build a kitchen complete with the range, stove, sink, counter, and island of your dreams.

Also, don’t forget the flooring. A hardwood floor may elongate or appear to add more length to your kitchen. It will be easy to clean if you should drop ingredients. Gone are the days of the yellow laminate. Everyone that visits your home will compliment the size and appearance of your new kitchen.

All of these updates will increase the overall value of your new home. If you have found your dream home but know it needs some updates, contact D.R. Hartman Construction for a free no obligation quote. Whether it is the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, they will strive to create a living environment that you are proud to call home.

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