PaperStone: the Green Alternative to Stone Countertops

Everyone loves the beautiful look of genuine stone countertops, but for many homeowners, stone isn’t the best option. For one, marble, granite, and other types of stone countertops can be extremely expensive. What’s more, as people become increasingly environmentally-aware, a greater number of Americans are growing opposed to the often destructive mining practices used in the creation of these types of countertops. So if stone countertops are not the option for you, understand that there are many viable alternatives.

If you decide to forgo stone countertops, laminate isn’t your only option. In fact, you have many choices for high quality, attractive countertops. One such option is found in PaperStone, a durable countertop material that is made from specially treated recycled paper.

PaperStone countertop material is made entirely from post-consumer recycled paper, but don’t let that fool you: This material is as durable as they come. The paper has been treated with specially designed, eco-friendly resins, and the countertop material has been fused together under intense heat and pressure.

The construction process means that PaperStone is extremely dense and durable. Countertops made from PaperStone are very strong and are heat resistant up to 350 degrees. What’s more, the substances used to create PaperStone are non-toxic (VOC-free and emitting no radon gases) and have been certified food safe.

This countertop material is non-porous, meaning it will not stain as a result of spills, unlike some stone or laminate options. What’s more, any defects, such as dents, dings, or scratches, can be sanded out of this countertop material with a simple piece of sandpaper.

PaperStone and similar products are a great choice for commercial construction projects, and PaperStone has been used to construct a wide range of structures, including conference table tops, desktops, signs, and even furniture. This material is one of only a few architectural solid surface materials to be certified to FSC standards by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance, meaning it can play a role in helping your business to earn points towards LEED certification. This is a huge benefit for those businesses who want to construct an environmentally-friendly office building, whether for tax purposes or moral reasons.

In addition to commercial construction, PaperStone is becoming increasingly popular for residential construction projects. Not only are homeowners turning to the green movement for tax breaks, but they are also making their homes more environmentally-friendly in an attempt to reduce their eco-footprint. While countertops made from PaperStone or a similar product won’t completely offset your eco-footprint on their own, they are a fantastic step in the right direction. When combined with other environmentally-friendly alterations like energy-saving doors and windows, recycled floors, or low-energy appliances, PaperStone can help to make your home a beacon of sustainability.

So if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or office building, consider turning to a recycled countertop material like PaperStone. It has many benefits over traditional countertop materials, and it’s one small step that you can take to help do your part for the environment.

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