Tips for Installing a Kitchen Island

The island has become one of the most popular kitchen additions, and it’s easy to see why. Kitchen islands have the potential to add more counter space, serve as additional tables, and provide extra cabinet storage, as well as contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. See the tips below to learn how an island can benefit your kitchen:

1. Use your island to aid in cleanup.

Islands can help to drastically simplify your cleanup process. For example, the cabinets underneath an island can be used to house pullout drawers for compost, trash, and recycling bins, and, when these bins are placed directly across from the sink, they become even more convenient. Islands are often used for easy access silverware storage as well, which can make dishwashing a breeze.

2. Turn your island into a cooking space.

Islands aren’t just for storage, and many people choose to use their islands to give them more space for cooking. Some choose to have a stove top range or even a full oven installed on their island, which also requires them to accommodate the appliance with the necessary electrical, gas, or other power source hookups, as well as installing a hood for dedicated lighting and ventilation. Islands are also exceptionally useful in providing additional counter space, which is something nearly every homeowner desires. To make your island’s counter tops even more efficient, consider selecting a durable, scratch proof and heat resistant material like granite. Built in butcher’s blocks are also a practical option for most islands.

3. Use your island as a dining space.

By adding a pair of bar stools to the public side of your island (the side not facing your kitchen workspace), you can create a cozy space to enjoy short meals and snacks. Just be sure that your island is built to a standard height; otherwise, you might have to purchase specialty chairs in order to make your island work as a dining space.

4. Make your island a focal point, not a nuisance.

Islands can certainly tie a room together very nicely, but if they’re constructed poorly or without proper planning, they can also serve to destroy the continuity of your kitchen. Generally, homeowners choose to top their island with the same counter tops that they used in the rest of their kitchen, as this can help your island to become an integral part of your kitchen design, rather than seeming like a strange piece of furniture plopped ungracefully in the middle of your space. Also, be sure that the dimensions of your island are correct. If you have a smaller kitchen, then a smaller island is probably a better option than a hulking block in the center of your room, which can appear to swallow your space. If you have a small kitchen yet insist on installing a large island, consider opting for an open island instead of a fully solid one. Finally, one often overlooked factor in island planning is to remember to leave enough space to comfortably move between counters while the dishwasher door is fully open.

With enough foresight and creativity, an island could transform your kitchen into a more attractive and functional space.

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