Your Floors, Your Investment

A house is one of the biggest investments any American will make. This asset is a statement piece in life, often deciding social status and even future children’s education due to location and funds. As a homeowner, the maintenance of this investment is crucial to financial stability. Key installations such as wood flooring or modern appliances will usually raise the value of a home. Wood flooring throughout the house will lend an air of wealth and luxury to any room. Considering the installation of a wood floor? Read on for DIY tips and local contractor information.

Choosing a wood type or even setting a price range seems like the logical first step. However, decide on who will install it first. A DIY operation involves different price brackets and tools. While a contractor costs more money upfront, the value of a well-installed wood floor is worth the extra cash. A confident handy individual can install a wood floor if they take the time and are very careful. Just follow these three tips.

1. Choose Your Floor

All three of the below choices offer a beautiful wood look. However, the actual value of the floor is in the material. Wood laminate will show wear and tear faster then the other two, but it is the cheapest. Engineered Hard Wood lasts a bit longer but has few restorative qualities. Solid Wood re-finishes well, insuring a long-lasting high-quality floor.

Wood Laminate – Plastic floorboards styled in a wood-like appearance. Scratches and discoloration occur in high-traffic areas or from sun bleaching.

Engineered Hard Wood – This is the plywood equivalent for flooring. Layers of sub-par hard wood covered with a thin layer of high-quality wood for show. Scratches and scuffs cannot be buffed or sanded out. The price will range from cheap to more costly.

Solid Wood – This option is the most durable depending on the quality of the wood and installation. This option is most costly, however it will last the longest as well.

2. Prepare The Room

A wood floor is like a facelift for a room. Prepare it by carefully removing the furniture, baseboards and door frames. These intrusions will make floor installation very difficult. Next, pull up the existing floor all the way down to the sub-floor. Now, install the new floor!

3. Install The Materials

Installation will differ for each material. Laminates and engineered flooring will come with instructions and suggested materials. Solid wood flooring is best installed using glue or nails. Measurements, regardless of material, are most important at this stage. A poorly measured room may result in the wrong amount of material. Too little will not look right and too much is a waste of money. Lastly, re-attach all the baseboard and trim. Voila! Your room is transformed thanks to the brand new floor!

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