The Value of Outdoor Renovations

Realtors worth their salt know the value of location when it comes to selling a house. A house next to a busy highway will have more trouble selling than a secluded cul-de-sac. However, the one influence over location is landscape. A well designed outdoor space can entice buyers or boost homeowner enjoyment. The tough economic times may not allow everyone to  move to his or her dream home, but bringing a bit of serenity to the present is within reach.

Expand your home outdoors with an outdoor renovation. Not only will an improved outdoor space benefit you as the homeowner, it also means more money garnered during a sale. Extravagant or simple, the choice is always individual. Outdoor renovations range for every budget, whether you’re seeking simplicity in a new stone patio or deck or aiming more for high end with a spa area or brand new outdoor kitchen. All of these options add value to any home. Take the next step to enjoying the outdoors with indoor comfort.


Picture a house surrounded by two or three acres. The house is not run down; the inside is well kept and inviting. However, a busy road runs in front, and the yard is an expanse of grass with a few trees on a sloping hill. The back of the house faces a forest. The owners hope to add value by expanding a patio into the back yard towards the existing fire pit. The options include a cobblestone walkway connected to a wooden patio for outdoor dinners and sun basking in the summer time. This addition gives them the ability to expand company entertainment into the backyard and experience their home with friends, family and good food. Planting some more trees or adding a privacy fence would block out any reminder of the road in front while adding security for pets and children alike. From the simple addition to a patio and fence to the extravagant outdoor kitchen, the addition cost is within control of the homeowner’s desires.


Perhaps the same house from above does not house people interested in lively family parties during long summer evenings but a relaxing sanctuary after a long day of work. In place of an outdoor kitchen, they choose to put a relaxing spa inspired garden. A hot tub and lounging deck furniture replace the entertaining area with the benefit of a privacy fence. Creating a soothing paradise beyond the walls of any home will expand value proportionally. Perhaps all this property needs to soar on the charts is a privacy fence and small patio to replace the grassy backyard. Now the house appeals to people with children and pets where they may have turned it down due to the busy highway out front.

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