How to Install Wood Flooring

Your home is an asset. Putting money into repairs and updates is almost always a good investment. Wood floors are a highly desirable feature in most any home. If you’re currently looking to change the floors in your home to wood, or think it might even be a possibility – read on!

The first choice you’ll need to make is whether or not you’re going to do the work yourself. Hiring a contractor to install your wood flooring will be much more expensive, but the potential for costly mistakes is greatly reduced (depending upon your ability that is). Now if you’re fairly handy though, installing wood floors may just be a great project for you to complete yourself.

Regardless of who is going to do the actual installation of the wood flooring, you’ll need to decide what type of wood floors you’d like (and can afford) to choose. The 3 main choices would be wood laminate, engineered hard wood or solid wood floors.

While solid wood floors are expensive, they also are the only option that can be refinished. If they get scratched, or scuffed, you can make them new again with a sander and some sealer. Not so for laminates or engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is somewhat like ply wood. It is made up of multiple layers of hard woods put together, with a thin layer of the “good wood” on top. Engineered wood flooring is usually the mid-priced choice. Laminate wood flooring is essentially a piece of plastic flooring with a picture of wood on it, and then a protective coating on top of this. Laminate wood flooring is often your cheapest alternative, but has the shortest life span as well.

If you are delving into this adventure yourself, your first move will be to take off your baseboards and door trim, as well as to pull up your current flooring. You want to get down to your sub floor. From here, you’ll start to install your new wood floors. As an aside, before you install your flooring, but after removing the trim, is a great time to paint your walls. A new color might go really well with those new floors! If you do it now, you’ll have to go around less trim and a spill on your floor isn’t an issue at this stage.

As far as the actual installation, solid wood floors can be either glued or nailed down. With laminates and engineered flooring, it will depend on the brand you buy and the instructions that come with it what materials you’ll use to install the floor. Regardless of how you install it, you will want to make sure you are on target with your measurements. This will help conserve materials as well as prevent mistakes in your flooring pattern.

Once the flooring is installed throughout the entire room, you’ll need to re-attach your baseboards and door trim. This will finish off your project. You now have brand new wood floors!

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