Starting Your Green Home Renovation

Homeowners from all corners of the United States are realizing, in remarkably large numbers, that now is the time to get their home remodeling projects underway. This is especially true if those remodeling projects involve “greening” your home, or making it more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. These green renovation projects not only benefit the environment in countless ways, a fact upon which the general population is starting to place more and more weight, but these remodeling activities also present a number of benefits to you, the homeowner. Below you will find some of the best reasons to begin greening your home today:

1. Your planet will thank you.

Even if you’re still skeptical about the reality of Global Warming, there’s no denying that the planet could benefit from a little TLC. Skeptic or not, it’s fairly obvious that air quality, the ozone layer, and certain ecosystems are suffering greatly at the hands of pollution-happy humans. Fortunately, a green home renovation project is a great way to help reduce your environmental impact and give Earth a chance to start reversing some of the damage that’s been caused over the years. Studies indicate that green homes that have earned the Energy Star have, on average, 30% less of an environmental impact than average homes. The impact on the environment of such energy savings can be very beneficial indeed.

2. Your energy bills will shrink.

The steps you take to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly benefit your wallet just as much as they benefit your planet. Unfortunately, there aren’t any exact figures on the amount a green renovation could save you over time, due to differences in building structure, location, use, etc., which make it difficult to conduct perfect measurements. However, studies have been conducted based on available information, and the results are clear: Green renovations save you money in the long term.

A nationwide study conducted by research firm Capital E in 2004 following the savings of green renovations yielded the following results: Although the initial cost of green building materials was about $4-5 per square foot more than regular, non-environmentally friendly building materials, over a period of about 20 years, the green buildings reaped savings of about $49-65 per square foot compared to non-green buildings. This return is about 10 times the initial investment. Even before the 20 year mark, the green building materials had already more than made up for their initial costs, and over the years, as the cost of energy increases, your savings as a green homeowner will increase as well.

3. The government wants you to.

It’s true; the government wants you to start your green renovation today, and they’re providing you with all sorts of incentives to do so. Included in The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were several benefits to homeowners who decided to make their homes more energy efficient, including tax breaks and reimbursements for materials. Americans nationwide have received tax breaks for everything from better insulating their homes to purchasing weatherproof doors. Other renovations also covered by the act include energy efficient HVAC changes, roofing materials, windows, and weatherstripping, so there’s truly a green home improvement project for everyone.

Whatever your motives, a green renovation could be the home improvement solution your family’s been looking for. Remodeling for energy efficiency benefits the planet in a number of ways, and it can also benefit you financially. Green homes cost far less to power than their non-green counterparts, which, over the years, adds up to huge savings for homeowners. What’s more, the initial cost of greening your home is not nearly as much as it used to be, as environmentally friendly materials have come down in price, and the government is willing to lend a hand financially. So think of these benefits, and consider greening your home today!

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