Looking to Add Value to Your Home?

These top 5 remodeling projects will give you the most Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes time to sell, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2009-2010 report.

1. Attic Bedroom Projects

For those veteran house hunters out there, you know the difference in price between a 3 bedroom house and a 4 bedroom. Reclaim unused space in your attic to create an additional bedroom, office or living room. Without the costly construction of an addition, you will now add valuable square footage of living space while improving the value of your home.
Average ROI: 83%

2. Wooden Deck Addition

The trend today is to extend your living space outside. Patio sets are starting to look more like living room furniture with new stylish outdoor fabrics being used for pillows, rugs and curtains. Adding a wooden deck onto your house will provide you with a great space to relax and entertain during the summer months in addition to being a valuable asset that appeals to prospective home buyers.
Average ROI: 80%

3. Replacing Vinyl Siding

Replacing the siding on your house may be the single greatest thing you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal. As we all know, prospective homebuyers do in fact “judge the book by its cover”. If they are not impressed by their initial drive-by of your property, their chance of returning to take a look at the inside of your home are slim. Updating your vinyl siding not only improves the aesthetic quality of your house, but also helps to reduce energy costs and protects your house from damage due to moisture and insects.
Average ROI: 80%

4. Kitchen Renovations

Everyone knows that the two places where the majority of your remodeling budget should go are the kitchen and the bathroom. In the past decade, homeowners have gone for the “more is more” strategy, completely gutting their kitchens and designing brand new gourmet monstrosities. With the economy today, homeowners should be a bit more practical when it comes to renovating their kitchens. By planning your kitchen remodel wisely, with the scale of your project in mind, you can recoup the most money from your investment without going overboard. Start with installing new countertops or having your old cabinets refaced. New cabinet hardware like knobs and drawer pulls can also go a long way in updating the look of your kitchen, making it more appealing to prospective home buyers.
Average ROI: 78%

5. Replacing Wood or Vinyl Windows

Installing new windows is one of the most popular home improvement projects today, and for good reason. Other than looking dated and unattractive, old windows are a significant source of energy loss. Installing new windows is an easy way to increase your home’s efficiency and cut down on your energy bills while adding great value to your home. Plus, the US Government has extended their tax credit policy for new windows into 2011, so you have nothing to lose by getting a few cost estimates for replacing the windows in your home.
Average ROI: 77%


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