3 Reasons Not To Skimp on Commercial Remodeling

construction equipmentIf you’re a business owner, it’s important for you to maintain a certain profit margin. Many entrepreneurs and small-business owners, in particular, can be pretty creative when it comes to cutting corners and saving cash. However, when it comes to selecting a builder for your next commercial remodeling project, the budget contractor might not be your best option, in the long run. From effectively designing the space to having licensed electricians change up wiring, true professionals will do the kind of work that your business can trust.


One of the top reasons for hiring experienced local professionals comes down to following building codes. Commercial buildings are subject to many more government regulations than residential structures are—and they’re far more likely to receive fines when they break code. Knowing city and state regulations for commercial buildings is only the beginning. Sometimes there are also local requirements such as permits for electrical or plumbing work in public restrooms or inspections to be scheduled. You don’t want to find out about infractions after work has begun; a bargain basement contractor may seem like a good deal at first, but when fines need to be paid and work needs to be redone to meet official code, you may end up spending far more than you bargained.


In addition to increased regulations on commercial remodels, these types of jobs are distinct from residential jobs in a foundational way: The purpose is broader. Instead of simply aiming to please a single homeowner or a handful of family members, the commercial remodel design needs to appeal to the masses. Perhaps you need to remodel in order to accommodate a new facet of your business or increased foot traffic. Maybe space needs to be utilized more efficiently or updates need to be made to allow for new technology or to simply project a more distinctive image. A professional design team can help you evaluate your existing space and determine whether your ideas are feasible and then suggest innovative solutions.

general contractorKnowledge

While a start-up company may be able to get to your job quickly and provide the kind of “yes man” responses you desire, only a builder with industry experience will be able to give you valuable recommendations. Suggesting current décor that isn’t likely to go out of style soon is just a start. Environmentally friendly options can do more than give your business a green image; they can provide cost savings in the way of tax credits and lower energy bills. Details like lighting, strategic use of color, and even landscaping can go a long way toward completing your new look.

At D.R. Hartman Construction, we specialize in being able to allow you to continue doing business while we complete your commercial remodel, even when that includes completely overhauling your existing floor plan. With three decades of experience to help guide us, we provide the kind of guidance and work that you can trust.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I agree with what you said about getting someone who has a knowledge of the industry. If you don’t you end up with a cookie cutter looking building with an uninviting store front. This is what happened to my brother recently when he opened up his new shop. Find experienced commercial builders. Thanks for the post!

  2. emily bennette says

    I like that you pointed out knowledge is a huge reason to hire a professional to remodel your home. I wouldn’t know how to properly install electrical elements in my home. So, it would be nice to have a professional who has the proper training to do the job correctly do the installation.

  3. Patricia Anderson says

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This will come in handy for my husband who is looking into having his building remodeled. Thank you.

  4. I think that these are some great reasons to not skimp on remodeling. I know for me I will probably only remodel once. I think that it makes to not skimp out because of the knowledge that is needed.

  5. I had no idea there could be so many legal issues to deal with as a contractor. It does sound like commercial contractors have a lot more laws and issues they have to deal with. I wonder if you have to go to school longer to become a commercial contractor?

  6. Rowan Custom Homes says

    Experience is key when it comes to hiring a contractor. You have to be able to trust their work and their word. Having decades of experience in both commercial remodeling and custom home work is ideal.