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Don Hartman offers residential kitchen remodeling services to those in the Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg and surrounding regions of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Contact Don today to learn more by calling 301-926-9000. View a gallery of completed projects.

Countertop Considerations

You don’t have to watch shows like “House Hunters” for long to realize that, as Americans, we are obsessed with our countertops. Aside from wanting a particular material, though, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to your countertops. Unlike your cabinet doors, this surface is the work horse of your kitchen. You don’t want something that’s just pretty — you want it to hold up to heavy use and make your prep time more enjoyable and your clean-up easier and shorter. An Ideal Countertop Height If you’ve spent any time at all standing in a kitchen to chop veggies, decorate cakes, or even … [Read more...]

Increasing Your Kitchen Remodel’s Cost-to-Value Ratio

According to Remodeling Magazine, the size and scope of your kitchen remodel can make a major difference—not only in initial cost but in the amount of cost that you’re likely to recoup in terms of added value. While a major kitchen remodel may be cost-prohibitive with an average cost of nearly $57,500, a minor kitchen remodel may be feasible at about a third of the cost. As if that’s not enough motivation to think smaller, when you compare Remodeling Magazine’s often-cited Cost vs. Value Report for 2010-2011 to their 2011-2012 report, you’ll see another reason why the trend toward minor … [Read more...]

Cabinet Trends for Today’s Kitchen Remodels

Why are kitchen upgrades such popular home renovation options? The main reasons kitchen remodels are so popular, particularly in a sluggish economy, are both financially fueled. The trend toward people cooking and eating at home is, in large part, due to the lower cost. The more time you plan to spend in a room, the more renovating it makes sense. Especially when homeowners are highly likely to get back a high percentage of what they put into such projects. Year after year, kitchen renovations are some of the best performing projects on Remodeling Magazine’s often-cited Cost vs. Value reports. … [Read more...]

Resale-Savvy Home Renovations

In addition to mourning the passing of the housing boom that peaked in 2005, many would-be house sellers are decrying the low returns their pricey renovations no longer promise on the sales block. If resale value is of any concern to you at all, though, you will want to carefully choose the types of remodels and updates that you plan. Major Curb Appeal Evidently, that first impression is more important to prospective buyers than almost anything else. Maybe it’s psychological, or maybe it’s about the image they want to portray to the world, but chances are, if your house doesn’t look good on … [Read more...]

Remodeling for Accessibility

Whether a member of your household has become disabled, you’re planning to invite an aging loved one to live with you, or you’re simply planning ahead for the rigors of aging, your home will probably need some modifications in order to provide as much freedom as possible. Trends in Accessibility Of course, one option for someone with disabilities or mobility difficulties due to aging is to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Not only is that option unsavory to many, but it’s also quite expensive and unnecessary, thanks to the potential made by accessibility remodeling. The … [Read more...]

Ways To Warm Up a White Kitchen

Today’s kitchen trends may include stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry, but that doesn’t have to mean that your kitchen has a cold, sterile vibe. If you want to go white and use stainless but still want a warm, inviting ambiance, the good news is that you don’t have to choose between those two; you just have to be a little more intentional about how you select details and design your space. Keeping It Cozy with Contrast Those dated dark wood cabinets had to go, but now something is definitely missing — that warm, cozy feel of hearth and home. Well, you can go with trendy white or … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design Options for You

As important as cabinetry and appliances may be, even more significant for your kitchen’s functionality is the actual layout. Regardless of your layout style, work surfaces and relative arrangement of elements deserve some serious consideration. Work Triangle or Work Zones The traditional “work triangle” refers to the arrangement of the three hubs for primary tasks in your kitchen: the cooktop, the sink, and the refrigerator. By positioning those elements in a triangular fashion, you’re able to efficiently move from one task to another. If you use your kitchen solely for food preparation and … [Read more...]

Home Trends You Will Love

If you’re as addicted to Pinterest as the rest of the social media community, we bet you’re seeing those dream kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. D. R. Hartman Construction would love to work with you on these beautiful and functional projects for your home. The contract-to-build option means we set you up with an architect we trust to get the design ready for your home improvement, and we can get started on the project quickly. Here are some ideas we’ve noticed on Pinterest and we think they would work great in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, MD

What's worse than an old, worn out kitchen?  The cupboards are barely hanging into the wall by a couple long, loose screws. The floor tile looks like it's seen many a better day. The counter space is pitiful--there's barely enough room to place your groceries much less have mom over to help you make Thanksgiving meal. You've walked through Home Depot & Lowes ... and drooled.  Imagine what you could do with a fully remodeled kitchen. Rip out the old--chuck the flimsy cupboards, toss the hole ridden linoleum. When Hartman Builders come through your kitchen, you won't recognize it any … [Read more...]

PaperStone: the Green Alternative to Stone Countertops

Everyone loves the beautiful look of genuine stone countertops, but for many homeowners, stone isn’t the best option. For one, marble, granite, and other types of stone countertops can be extremely expensive. What’s more, as people become increasingly environmentally-aware, a greater number of Americans are growing opposed to the often destructive mining practices used in the creation of these types of countertops. So if stone countertops are not the option for you, understand that there are many viable alternatives. If you decide to forgo stone countertops, laminate isn’t your only option. … [Read more...]