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Don Hartman offers residential home addition construction and new home building services to those in the Silver Spring, Rockville, Gaithersburg and surrounding regions of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Contact Don today to learn more by calling 301-926-9000. View a gallery of completed projects.

Resale-Savvy Home Renovations

In addition to mourning the passing of the housing boom that peaked in 2005, many would-be house sellers are decrying the low returns their pricey renovations no longer promise on the sales block. If resale value is of any concern to you at all, though, you will want to carefully choose the types of remodels and updates that you plan. Major Curb Appeal Evidently, that first impression is more important to prospective buyers than almost anything else. Maybe it’s psychological, or maybe it’s about the image they want to portray to the world, but chances are, if your house doesn’t look good on … [Read more...]

Preparing for Your Next Remodel

Whether you’re looking at building on an addition or renovating your current kitchen or bathroom, doing some homework before hiring a contractor can save you time, money, and frustration. While overly ambitions DIY-ers can actually increase the cost of a project, there are some things you as the homeowner need to figure out on your own. The more of an idea you have of what you want and how much you plan to spend before getting an estimate from a contractor, the better off your project will be. Count the Cost If your remodel is necessary in order to provide disability access to your home, … [Read more...]

10 Options for Added Home Value

Adding onto any home brings many intimidating decisions. Knowing the options and the value that will come along with each allows for clarity. Here is a list of 11 different options for residential additions. Some of them add on living space, others bedrooms or storage. All of them add value. 1. Sun Room Addition A sun room is also known as a three seasons room. This open living space is a wonderful spot for indoor plants, added light and outdoor views. 2. Garage Addition Adding a garage is a relatively low cost addition with future options. This choice opens up the option for … [Read more...]

Recession-Fuelled Remodeling Trends

A major aspect of the recession-laden economy is the sluggish housing market. That factor has meant a boom for home remodels, since many homeowners realize that doing so can be more economical than trading up. In addition to an increase in renovations in general, certain types of additions or changes reflect our difficult economic times. Additions of In-Law Quarters While these attached apartments have traditionally been referred to as mother-in-law quarters, they’re being inhabited by extended family of all types. Some families are building these to make room for aging Baby Boomers who … [Read more...]

Bethesda, Maryland Home Contractor

You’re lying awake in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling. Light from a full moon streams through the window, brightening the room. You can see vague forms in the room—the shapes of a dresser, a rocking chair, a nightstand. You stare up at the ceiling and see dark streaks. Water stains from that last big rainstorm, when water leaked through the aging roof. Appalled, you turn your head to the side. Now you’re staring at a gaping hole in the wall, another reminder that your house is due for a long-awaited remodeling. Have you been putting off the renovation you know needs to be done in … [Read more...]

Should You Add Onto Your Home?

Perhaps your growing family is feeling cramped in its current quarters, or you have some extra cash and want to know if putting it into your home would be more worthwhile than using it toward buying another home? In the current economy, many homeowners are finding their homes still being valued somewhat below what they may have been worth in 2006 during the peak of the U.S. housing bubble. Though housing prices are back on the rise, many homeowners would prefer to get more out of their homes at the point of sale. An addition can be a great compromise, giving you the extra space you need … [Read more...]

Home Addition Construction in Germantown, MD

When the housing economy is down and you pause before jumping up the ladder to the next size house, why don't you consider adding an addition?  Not only will you be able to wisely invest into a more profitable future sale of your home but you'll also be able to cut back on moving costs, packing headaches, and the hassle of trying to get the kids adjusted to yet another neighborhood or school district. Weathering through the housing slump by adding on to your existing home provides the best current solution for your growing family & personal or business needs. Just imagine ... with a two … [Read more...]