Bathroom Remodeling - Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring

Don Hartman offers residential bathroom remodeling services to those in the Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring and surrounding regions of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Contact Don today to learn more by calling 301-926-9000. View a gallery of completed projects.

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

The decision to remodel a bathroom is one not often regretted by homeowners, and there are many reasons for this. First, bathrooms (most of which contain a simple shower, a boring porcelain sink, and a plain toilet, all on top of white or off white vinyl flooring) are often quite neglected in terms of design, and as such, this room may seem out of place with the rest of your home. Additionally, by renovating your bathroom, you help to create an oasis of privacy; the bathroom is the most private room of the house, after all. Follow the tips below to help make your bathroom renovation experience … [Read more...]

Remodeling for Accessibility

Whether a member of your household has become disabled, you’re planning to invite an aging loved one to live with you, or you’re simply planning ahead for the rigors of aging, your home will probably need some modifications in order to provide as much freedom as possible. Trends in Accessibility Of course, one option for someone with disabilities or mobility difficulties due to aging is to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Not only is that option unsavory to many, but it’s also quite expensive and unnecessary, thanks to the potential made by accessibility remodeling. The … [Read more...]

Home Trends You Will Love

If you’re as addicted to Pinterest as the rest of the social media community, we bet you’re seeing those dream kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. D. R. Hartman Construction would love to work with you on these beautiful and functional projects for your home. The contract-to-build option means we set you up with an architect we trust to get the design ready for your home improvement, and we can get started on the project quickly. Here are some ideas we’ve noticed on Pinterest and we think they would work great in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland … [Read more...]

Up-and-Coming Bathroom Upgrades

Perhaps no other room in private homes has the capability of spanning such a spectrum from utilitarian to luxurious than the modern bathroom. As if a trade-off for the adrenaline-fueled rat race pace at which we live, the creature comforts of the modern bath are there to help us unwind and at least pretend we have the time to really get away for a few brief moments in the evenings. Features such as large showers and soaking tubs can do more than help you unwind: they can also help you sell your home, when that time comes. Soaking Tubs and Roomy Showers While some homeowners are taking out … [Read more...]

Bathroom Remodeling in Bethesda, Maryland

So you walk into your bathroom and groan ... There's mildew on the ceiling, cracks in the shower wall, and stains everywhere.  Water from the bathtub has repeatedly soaked into the floor and the damage is everywhere.  Yesterday, you started to scrub away at some of the rust stains in the sink and gave up after polishing off some of the finish.  This morning, you discovered the kids broke the full length mirror when one of them threw a toy truck at it. Just when you think it's time to give up, there's hope!  D.R. Hartman Construction, Inc. has some professional bathroom remodelers on staff … [Read more...]

Planning for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you get to the fun parts of planning your bathroom remodeling project, there are two key aspects that you need to consider: creating a project budget and hiring a contractor. Creating a Project Budget As with any type of remodel, it’s wise to count the cost before you hire a crew. Of course, you may be starting with a predetermined amount of money that you’re willing to spend; if you’re not sure how much money will make sense for you to spend, you may find this guide helpful. It’s also a good idea to shop around in order to get an idea of the price range for various materials needed … [Read more...]

Bathroom Remodeling in the Bethesda, Maryland Area

Are you embarrassed for guests to see your house when they come to visit? Often, the bathroom is the most embarrassing part of an old house for many homeowners who have people over. The bathtub is moldy around the edges, the tile flooring is cracked and dirty, water stains surround all the pipes, the ceiling is starting to cave in, and the decades-old sink combines with the rest of the room to make your bathroom look and feel old and dilapidated. Perhaps you’ve been putting off remodeling your bathroom due to the large variety of home contractors available in the general area of Bethesda, … [Read more...]

Should You Add Onto Your Home?

Perhaps your growing family is feeling cramped in its current quarters, or you have some extra cash and want to know if putting it into your home would be more worthwhile than using it toward buying another home? In the current economy, many homeowners are finding their homes still being valued somewhat below what they may have been worth in 2006 during the peak of the U.S. housing bubble. Though housing prices are back on the rise, many homeowners would prefer to get more out of their homes at the point of sale. An addition can be a great compromise, giving you the extra space you need … [Read more...]