Commercial Remodeling for Image Improvement

Even though we’ve all been told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we all do it, don’t we? Tenant improvement can go a long way toward making the kind of first impression that truly represents your smart, future-focused business practices. You want your office to display timeless, streamlined design elements that will have your customers impressed with their surroundings as soon as they step into the door. When they’re already thinking positively about the image you display, they’ll be more likely to sign on with you, bringing repeat business and referrals along, as well.

Lobby Renovation

The lobby or reception area gives your potential clients their first view of your company’s image. By investing in some unique and theme-building elements, you can stimulate positive emotions in anyone who enters. Since the focal point of this area is the reception desk, you’ll want to start there. Upgrading countertop material will be an investment that’s sure to be noticed. Adding color and texture to the wall behind the reception counter can provide an attention-getting backdrop to your new surface, as well. The desk itself should match the office’s overall theme, using a suitable material, such as metal, brick, stone, or wood. The reception desk area should be limited to 2 or 3 colors or materials, to avoid over-stimulation. A few plants with up-lighting can add that elegant, sophisticated touch you need, along with comfortable but updated seating.

Architectural Elements

The right designer will be able to help you effectively integrate architectural elements such as lowered ceilings with stone or wood accents or some well-placed columns, archways, or beams, in order to provide the kind of drama needed to strengthen the focal point. These diagonal or curved elements can be overdone or badly placed, making them stick out rather than blending together for a unified appearance, so you’ll want to make sure the design is professionally created.

Ceiling and Lighting Upgrades

Even small spaces like your lobby or conference room can benefit by trading in harsh florescent lighting for a variety of bright and dim lighting options. Reception desks can look classy with three pendant lights centered above them. Conference room ceilings can be adorned with features like simple crown moldings, tray ceilings, and indirect lighting (example).

Low-Budget Ideas

Remodeling ideas that won’t break your budget can still make a major change in how your space is perceived. A conference room or lobby can seem less cramped when a glass wall is installed. Conference room windows to the outdoors can be frosted, giving greater privacy and reducing distractions without sacrificing natural light. Hanging a world map can offer a more global image, and plants and other organic materials can demonstrate environmental friendliness. A new logo design or sign behind the reception desk can really pack a punch as well.

From window coverings to landscaping, paying careful attention to all the aspects of your office combine to give potential customers a negative or positive first impression; that fact makes each detail worthy of consideration.

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  1. Scott Rajavuori says

    We’ve done a ton of lobby renovations over the years, and these are often the greatest way to add a new look without doing a total remodel.

  2. Love this post! Making sure your lobby is warm, welcoming and inviting is very important to the future of your business. Thanks for sharing!