Tips for Bathroom Renovations

The decision to remodel a bathroom is one not often regretted by homeowners, and there are many reasons for this. First, bathrooms (most of which contain a simple shower, a boring porcelain sink, and a plain toilet, all on top of white or off white vinyl flooring) are often quite neglected in terms of design, and as such, this room may seem out of place with the rest of your home. Additionally, by renovating your bathroom, you help to create an oasis of privacy; the bathroom is the most private room of the house, after all. Follow the tips below to help make your bathroom renovation experience a positive one:

1. Don’t forget about ventilation.

Ventilation is an often-overlooked area of bathroom renovation, but installing proper ventilation is crucial to ensuring the long-term success of your project. If your bathroom is not ventilated properly, it can lead to a number of problematic developments later on. As mold and mildew begin to develop in your space, it can wreak havoc on the other expensive upgrades you’ve made, including painting, floors, and cabinetry.

2. Be realistic about your flooring choices.

When deciding on flooring for your bathroom, it is important to weigh your options extensively. While some types of flooring work very well in bathrooms, others are not as versatile. Wood, for example, is obviously not a smart choice for most bathrooms, due to its natural characteristic of being heavily affected by moisture. Laminate flooring also tends to work poorly in bathrooms, as do most types of stone, which need to be sealed and treated with diligence in order to retain their effectiveness. Other types of materials, like vinyl flooring and ceramic tile, work extremely well in bathrooms and are not only low-cost, but are also usually very low-maintenance as well. Whatever you decide, before making a purchase, be sure to research the responsibilities inherent in different types of flooring, and also consider the amount of maintenance you are willing to perform.

3. Shower or bath?

Where oversized bath tubs were once extremely popular, providers of bathroom remodeling services are seeing a steady increase in the number of homeowners who opt instead to eliminate the bath tub in favor of a more modern shower. Steam showers, body sprays, hand-held shower heads, overhead mounted shower heads, and rain bars are just a few examples of the modern custom showers being installed by today’s homeowners.

4. Invest where it makes sense.

If, like most homeowners, cost is at the top of your list of considerations, then consider renovating with less expensive materials in areas that don’t concern you as much as others. For example, if you relish the thought of relaxing in a whirlpool tub, then perhaps that is one area in which you should spend more money. If you’re worried that spending more on the tub will put you over budget, however, consider trading another aspect of your renovation for a less expensive alternative. If, as far as you’re concerned, a toilet is a toilet, then perhaps spending less on a cheaper model (or even reusing your old one) will balance out your decision to splurge on the tub. The point is, you should determine what aspect of your remodeling project means the most to you and devote the majority of your resources to this area. If you’re completely satisfied with the most important aspect of your project, you’ll be less likely to mind compromising and cutting back in other areas.

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  1. Rhys Rawson says

    Thanks for the information. I’ve been looking into renovating my master bathroom, but am unsure of how to go about it. “Don’t forget about ventilation” is an especially useful suggestion for me as currently my bathroom has poor ventilation and it is a nuisance. Any suggestions for how to install better ventilation?

  2. There r several ways we consider to get achievement about renovate bathroom.Another ways if we think our bathroom has really need to change then we should remodel it.You provided such an amazing article with great guidance.Anyone can easily renovate bathroom by following your ideas & tips.I appreciate you for this work.

  3. Bathroom Renovation doesn’t need to drive you insane. If you aren’t fully prepared for all the work that comes with a renovation though, it most certainly will cause a lot of stress. Just do some research, put together a solid plan, and be prepared to land on your feet when the rug is swept out from under you.

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